A Specialist Astrologer Can Help You In Love Marriage


love marriageOne of the most common questions an astrologer is asked is, “Will I be able to marry the person I love?” There are a number of combinations in the janamkundli or the birth chart that reveals whether the person will have a love marriage or not. Love Marriage Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer In Delhi.


Love marriage astrology is a set of patterns that predict if you are going to have a love marriage and how life is going to be after marriage. It tells us when we can expect the marriage or meet someone and start a serious love relationship. The prediction is seen through transits. Transits are the planets as they are moving. They are always moving and rotating. We look for certain transits and planets in our birth chart to know about it. Marriage can be uncertain. The main task is to find when it will happen and how long it will last.


Love marriage specialist astrologer has some important parameters:


  • Role of Venus:

Venus plays a very important role in deciding whether the marriage would be a love marriage or an arranged one. Sometimes, it indicates physical attraction that does not end in marriage. Venus is the ruler of pleasures, joy and desires.  It should be pure and unaffected for pure love and a stable life. Venus signifies purity and senses. So, when it is well placed, senses will work accordingly and will be in control and the love will be pure.


  • Effects of moon signs on love marriage:

Love Marriage Vashikaran Specialist Astrologer depends on the moon signs.  Love marriage are most prominent in Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces moon sign. Love marriages are rare in cases of Virgo and Aries moon sign.


  • Factors that obstruct love marriage:

Debilitated or affected Venus in a birth chart indicates separation, divorce or denial in marriage. There are great chances that the mates will not be happy in their lives. Moon is the planet of emotion and hence it should be well placed in Janamkundli. Emotions are stable when moon is well placed. Mars and Venus conjunction represents a betrayal by life partner. It indicates a failure in having a love marriage.


  • Remedies to remove obstructions in love marriage:

One should chant the mantras of Venus, Moon and Mars before predicting a love marriage. If these planets are well placed and strong, you can expect a successful love marriage. The chant of these mantras should be started from an auspicious day. Chanting these mantras for 108 times may increase the chances of success in love marriage.


  • Knowledge about Vedic astrology:

According to Vedic astrology, the heavenly bodies like stars and planets are moving in the sky in circular path known as Zodiac. A horoscope shows the positions of stars and planet as was at the time of birth of the person. These positions of stars and planets along with many other factors help in making predictions about the events associated with the life of that person. To judge the event correctly, it is very much required that the horoscope of the child should be prepared using the correct date, accurate time and place of birth. Vedic astrology is also called Hindu astrology, Indian astrology or jyotish shashtra. It originated, developed and flourished in ancient India. It is the best way to predict future events related to life of a person either with the help of his/her horoscope(birth chart) or Prashanakundli. For someone who is deeply in love the most important question is whether he or she will be able to marry and live a happy life with the person they are in love with. Vedic astrology can provide a glimpse into this uncertainty.


  • Timing of marriage:

Every horoscope is different and so is every astrological chart. It depends on your time, date, day and place of birth.  Mainly, what really signifies your timing of marriage is the time when you might meet someone and get married. It depends on your rising sign because your rising sign is permanent since the time you were born.



  • Importance of eleventh house:

The eleventh house is the house of wealth. It is the house of hopes and visions. All of us have desires in life. The eleventh house controls the fulfillment of those desires. If you wish to get married to your loved one soon, you should look out for the planets who are ruling in the eleventh house. That is the best way to predict.


  • Age matters:

All these things can only be done when you have grown up. Because that’s when you are able to find your correct life partner. Relationships before that often end up on a sad note. You are not able to decide correctly for yourself at that age. And astrology will also support your desires once you have become a youth.


  • No marriage is perfect:

Every marriage has a good phase and a bad phase as well. But that does not mean the two people should drift apart. They have to accept the other person because no one is perfect. Though advice by a learned guru in this phase will help both of you stay together better.


    • Dasha plays an important role:


You can say that Dasha plays a major role in love marriage vashikaran. Rahukaal is there in everyone’s life for 18 long years. Rahu is an obsession. It forces the person to do anything to achieve goals. It has unlimited desires and is very materialistic. It wants those things that are hard to achieve. Sometimes, it takes shortcuts in life. This is why everybody has a Rahu in his or her horoscope. It gives you temptations. Rahu gives very good results in terms of money and wealth. The effect of Rahu also results in sudden marriage. Like you meet someone last month and you got engaged. So, it sometimes works in a positive manner. Rahu brings these sudden positive events. Though it mostly brings positivity in your life is only when it is sitting alone in your horoscope and when it is not in conjunction with any other planet.


These days, life has become complex and tough. Most of us run to the astrologers to get things sorted. We spend our money lavishly to know about our future. Though not all astrologers are perfect and trustworthy. One should always be alert of those fake astrologers. A good astrologer can help predict your future and help you get married to the one you love as well as help you overcome the problems that you may face in your love marriage.


Vijay Nath Ji Maharaj has 30 years of experience in astrology and is a specialist in predicting and helping with love marriages. He has trained under eminent astrology gurus – Late RD ShashtriJi and Shyam lal ShashtriJi. To sort out your love marriage uncertainty as well as troubles, consult Vijay Nath Ji Maharaj and blow away your love marriage blues.